We offer Content Strategy Insourcing and Content Strategy in online and offline contexts, Content Therapy for building beautiful artifacts from even the largest heaps of spaghetti’ed content, and Corporate Change Management for individuals, teams and larger corporate contexts. We work at various locations with a hand-picked team of experts.

Benefits for Your Business

Reduce costs by insourcing content strategy, creation and curation.

Produce content that drives sales by using existing know-how and internal talent.

Make work flow more easily within and across teams.

Recruit and retain happy, productive employees.

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Schedule a call by sending e-mail to hi@shrnks.co or call us directly:

Germany & Japan: +49 404143150422
United Kingdom: +44 845 5272681
USA: +1 (650) 488-8383


Our Values and Core Offers

Only great people can create great content. We help your content creators, curators and govenors become great at how they work and who they are so that they can deliver better results than ever before. (You might want to have a look at the manifesto.)

Well-structured people create well-structured content. We tidy up content creation, curation and governance workflows, boiling them down to their essence, in software and wetware.

Purpose leads to simplicity leads to success. We assist you in uncovering the true capital-P Purpose of your work and make sure that your employees and partners truly understand why they’re doing what they’re doing

Humane leadership creates efficient teamwork. The way you manage your teams says a lot about the way your teams create and govern content. We work with your managers and teams to make them breeze through their workflows and deliver outstanding results